Animals for Adoption

Animals available for adoption – Updated June 2017

An adoption fee will be requested for adopting one of our deserving animals, which is needed to cover the cost of their neutering fees as we are a completely self funded rescue. All adoption fees go directly back into the rescue and helping more animals in need.  Please contact us for more information on this and any aspect of rehoming.  Please also remember to use us for your boarding requirements and recommend us to your friends.  The money raised looking after your pets goes towards the rescue work we do, without it we will be unable to help these animals that are in such need and so deserving of a second chance in life.

Please remember that contrary to popular belief, rabbits do not make great pets for young children.  They can be difficult to handle and can bite at tiny fingers poked through bars thinking they are a tasty carrot.  However, as long as you are prepared for this and accept that you will undoubtably end up doing all the cleaning out etc, there is no reason not to adopt a bunny as a family pet.  We have tried to note which are more suitable for children and those that are perhaps too nervous due to their past circumstances.

Our animals are in the main rescue centre at Staple Hill and in several foster homes throughout Bristol.  If you are not local to Bristol or cannot find a rabbit/s to suit your particular requirements, we also work with a rescue in Bath which may be able to help:

The Littlest Rescue run a neutering program but as only a limited number of rabbits can be neutered at a time not all animals listed here may have been neutered yet (the listing will tell you if it has been neutered yet or not).  If there is a rabbit or guinea pig that you would like to adopt but hasn’t been neutered yet, please let us know as we can reserve it for you and prioritise its operation date.

We do not rehome rabbits or guinea pigs to live alone as they are highly social animals that need company of their own kind.  They are available to adopt in pairs and we also offer a ‘match-up dating service’ for lonely/bereaved animals. We do however come across some rabbits due to their background history (often being over bred) that they are proving very difficult to bond due to behavioral problems. We will always try and try again, but sometimes this can hold them back from their furever homes and sometimes the odd solo bunny will be available for adoption, we always encourage owners to come back at a later date to keep trying to bond.  

Our ‘animals ready for adoption’ section is updated as much as possible, however as we have rabbits and guinea pigs coming in and out of the rescue centre continuously we cannot add all animals to our webpage. If there is an animal you are particularly looking for (for example a castrated male to pair up with your spayed female) we do advise to email us to let us know as we often have waiting lists of people who are ready to adopt and therefore the animals will be adopted out to these people before being added to our website. 

Rabbit pairs looking for homes

Dorris and Bert – In foster care

Dorris and Bert are both lovely bunnies! They are friendly and ready for fun! They are neutered and vaccinated against myxo, VHD1 and VHD2. They are currently looking for an indoor home due to being indoors in foster care, however come spring they will be able to go outside. They love playing both inside and outside and are sociable rabbits. Bert is a Netherland dwarf cross and Dorris is a Dutch cross. They both like their nose strokes and can become confident when they’ve gained their humans trust! They love dandelions and their hay! Could you give these gorgeous rabbits a furever home?

Mary and Marshall – In Foster care – Reserved pending bonding


Mary and marshall have been surrendered due to the owners change in circumstances. They have lived a very good life as house bunnies, they also love the outdoors, fresh grass and dandelions. They both love their food and hay, this can also be used to entice them into doing tricks such as standing on back legs, cup treats etc. Although mary will just wait because who can resist her face right? Marshall is the black lionhead and is coming up to 5 years old, Mary is the grey lionhead and is 5 and a half years old. They are both neutered. Mary is very sweet and loves her head rubs but is unsure about anyone new, as most bunnies are. You will have to build up her trust although once you do shes very laid back and chilled. She loves to be brushed and her favorite treat is carrot. Marshall is good at being handled but always likes good warning as he was bothered by a dog in his previous home. Marshalls favorite things are kale and running through tubes:D. These buns will shortly be vaccinated against myxomatosis, VHD1 and VHD2.

 Honey and Heidi – In foster care

14322767_962793140492367_7174449972435504532_n Honey and Heidi are a lovely pair of girls who have not had one person interested in them since coming to us just under a year ago. Honey does have Chronic Dacryocystitis which requires to have daily eyedrops, but this does not seem to bother her. They would love to live in spacious outdoor accommodation. Once they have been picked up these girls do like their cuddles! They both love to climb and play. They also looove apple branches! These girls are neutered and vaccinated.

 Jason and Chelsea – In Foster care


Jason and chelsea are a very funny pair of rabbits, different in every way possible. Chelsea very much leads the way in this relationship but is more shy to humans. Jason has a very curious personality and they are both led by their tummy’s. They are both neutered and are around 3 years old. They would make perfect indoor bunny friends! These buns are vaccinated against Myxomatosis, VHD1 and VHD2.

Snowy and Peter – In foster care – Reserved by foster carer 

Snowy and Peter are a lovely pair, they are 1 years old and are both neutered. They are playful and would suit a indoor or outdoor home. Snowy is a mini lop cross and Peter is a cashmere lop, therefor he will need grooming and this is commitment new owners should be aware of. However its a great time to bond with your bunnies and hes a very good boy! They love chilling out but will get short and funny bursts of energy and can be so funny doing binkies! They are used to children from their previous home, but as prey animals most rabbits dont like to be picked up. They do like their nose strokes.

Amelia and Catalia – In foster care


Amelia and Catalia are two beautiful girls. They are one years old, spayed and vaccinated. They absolutely love their food, and are very playful girls. They will be looking for an indoor or outdoor home with lots of space and things to do. They like to keep busy so lots of homemade cardboard toys are a must! Unfortunately we have found that red eyed white rabbits tend to stay in rescue centres for years, we would like to be proved wrong and a loving family take on these funny pair! They have such great characters!

Milkshake and Fluffy – In foster care – Reserved



These cuties are 1 year old and are looking for their furever home! They are Neutered and will be vaccinated against myxi, VHD1 and VHD2 with us. Once they have had their jabs they will be ready for a furever home. They are new bees to us so we are still getting to know them, They have been a little shy settling in but are very gentle and once they feel secure they will blossom!

Heidi and Nigel – In foster care

Heidi and Nigel are looking for their furever retirement home, This pair are just adorable! They are 8 years old and dwarf lops. They came into us slightly chubby so they’ve been on a strict diet, they are now moving around a lot more and love the garden! Nigel is a really big softy and adores his nose strokes. Heidi is an independent woman who loves to explore. They are both neutered and vaccinated. They would be great new additions to an existing group as they are both quite laid back or would be happy as they are! Please give us an email if you would like to meet them!

Calvin and Cooper – In foster care








Calvin and Cooper are around 3 months old (22/03/17), they will soon be neutered and vaccinated. These boys have come in with 9 other rabbits from rather unfortunate circumstances in an emergency. They are very scared little babies, but we believe with some love and care these boys are going to turn into very laid back beautys! They are cross breed of New Zealand white and french lop. Both these breeds are known for their big size and gentle nature. They are currently with one of our experienced foster mums and are ready to blossom. They will be ready for adoption around the 27th of july.

Rabbit dating service

Single males available as match-ups to lonely/bereaved females.

Henri – In foster care

Henri will soon be looking for a wifebun and furever home! He’s nervous as he has just come in, but just needs time and attention to come out of his shell. He is 2 years old, neutered and vaccinated against myxomatosis and vhd1. He is also microchipped. He will be having his vhd2 soon. For more information please send us a message.

Elliot – In foster care – On trial

Elliot is 12 weeks old and is now castrated, once hes recovered he will be looking for his furever home. He is vaccinated against myxi/vhd1 and vhd2. He has a loving and playful character. His hormones have come in full swing so we will learn more about his true personality once these have calmed down. Elliots story is a special one and so he has been handled since birth, his eye sight isnt great but he picks up his surrounds pretty quickly and his favorite thing to do is zoom around!

Aaron – In foster care

Aaron is a little sweetie, He is around 3 months old (22/03/17). He will soon be neutered and vaccinated. Aaron came in with 10 other rabbits from rather unfortunate circumstances in an emergency. They were very scared little babies, but we believe with some love and care he will turn into a very laid back bun! He is a cross breed of New Zealand white and french lop. Both these breeds are known for their big size and gentle nature. He is currently with one of our experienced foster mums and he is already coming out of his shell. He will be ready for adoption around the 27th of july.

Bumble – In foster care

Bumble is 1 year old and 2 months, he will soon be neutered and vaccinated. Bumble came in with 10 other rabbits from rather unfortunate circumstances in an emergency. Bumble was with another male, however as they were un – neutered their behaviour became very aggressive towards each other. We decided they would both be happier to be separated, neutered and find themselves a wifebun! Bumble is a very nervous bunny, he hasn’t realised the human touch is a kind one yet, however he is in foster care and is getting lots of TLC. He is a french lop cross, so is a chunky boy. This breed is known for its laid back nature so we think in time Bumble will learn to trust us in time as he’s still a new bee! He will be ready for adoption around the 27th of july.

Cookie – In foster care

This big bundle of fun is Cookie – he’s a fabulously friendly French lop with a big personality. At 2 years old Cookie is desperate for company, and has made friends with my cats and my poodle. But he really wants a beautiful wifebun to share carrot tops and have adventures with. Whilst not a giant he is a big bunny and needs plenty of space for running and binkies. Loveable and approachable he just wants to be your friend. Cookie will be neutered and vaccinated over the next few weeks and then ready for dating. Send us a email if you are interested!

Russel – At main rescue centre

Russel was a found rabbit so unfortunately we don’t know his age or background.  However we do believe he’s around 1-3 years old. Hes got a lovely nature, absolutely loves his food and would become very friendly once settled. He’s got confidence and would love a wifebun. He is neutered and vaccinated.

Theo – At main rescue centre

Theo is a very playful and active boy who just adores attention. He is neutered and vaccinated. He did go off on trial to bond with a bonded pair but he was quite a scaredy cat! So we think he may prefer just a wifebun, he loves running in big spaces so either an outdoor or indoor home which can provide this.

Single females available as match-up to lonely/bereaved castrated male

Please note we often have a waiting list for spayed females, this may not be long depending on what you are looking for so please email us with your interest as we may have a female ready not yet noted on the website. 

Rosie – At main rescue centre – On trial











Rosie is a 5 year old, spayed and vaccinated against myxi, VHD1 and VHD2. Rosie is a very sweet girl who loves her nose rubs. She is very laid back and likes her food! We have tried Rosie at dating a few times now and shes not been keen with any male, we guess no ones taken her fancy yet! She would suit both indoor and outdoor home so if you have a male who might win Rosie over let us know!

Natalie – In foster care – On trial











Natalie is 2-3 years old, spayed and vaccinated against VHD2, Shes an absolute sweetheart and adores her nose strokes. She thinks she would like to be an indoor rabbit but would consider an outside home. We have tried to bond Natalie a few times now and this has been unsuccessful, we think shes waiting out for the right husbun… so if you think your castrated male has got what shes looking for give us an email!

Danielle – In foster care









Danielle is a lovely playful little girl, her age is unknown as she was a found rabbit. Shes spayed and loves space to run and jump. Danielle would love a spare room or to hang out in your kitchen, she particularly likes cardboard box castles. We have tried to bond Danielle in the past and it has not worked, after a relaxed break from dating we feel we would like to try Danielle and a castrated male again. Danielle is currently vaccinated for myxomatosis, VHD1 and VHD2.

Guinea pig Adoption

Guinea pig homes will need to provide plenty of space (min 5ft x 2ft for 2 guineas) in either an indoor cage or outdoor hutch.  It is preferable if they can be brought indoors in the winter months or the hutch moved to a more sheltered location (such as inside a shed).  The home will also need to provide them with a run so that they can go out on the grass in the warmer months.  Please read through our guinea pig care instructions and ensure you are happy with the care you will be expected to provide before applying to adopt any guinea pig/s.

Due to the nature of our guinea pig re-homing we are rarely able to add pictures and descriptions of the ones we have available. We often have lists of interest on lone females, males and pairs. If you are interested in adopting guinea pigs please call Kelly on: 07976838376 Please leave a message with your name and phone number (GUINEA PIG ENQUIRES ONLY). Kelly will be able to let you know who’s available and send details of them to you. We regularly upload pictures of available piggies to facebook and you can also contact us via fb. We always have guinea pigs available for adoption however we have a very fast re-homing rate.