Animals for Adoption

Animals available for adoption – Updated December 2017

An adoption fee will be requested for adopting one of our deserving animals, which is needed to cover the cost of their neutering fees as we are a completely self funded rescue. All adoption fees go directly back into the rescue and helping more animals in need.  Please contact us for more information on this and any aspect of rehoming.  Please also remember to use us for your boarding requirements and recommend us to your friends.  The money raised looking after your pets goes towards the rescue work we do, without it we will be unable to help these animals that are in such need and so deserving of a second chance in life.

Please remember that contrary to popular belief, rabbits do not make great pets for young children.  They can be difficult to handle and can bite at tiny fingers poked through bars thinking they are a tasty carrot.  However, as long as you are prepared for this and accept that you will undoubtably end up doing all the cleaning out etc, there is no reason not to adopt a bunny as a family pet.  We have tried to note which are more suitable for children and those that are perhaps too nervous due to their past circumstances.

Our animals are in the main rescue centre at Staple Hill and in several foster homes throughout Bristol.  If you are not local to Bristol or cannot find a rabbit/s to suit your particular requirements, we also work with a rescue in Bath which may be able to help:

The Littlest Rescue run a neutering program but as only a limited number of rabbits can be neutered at a time not all animals listed here may have been neutered yet (the listing will tell you if it has been neutered yet or not).  If there is a rabbit or guinea pig that you would like to adopt but hasn’t been neutered yet, please let us know as we can reserve it for you and prioritise its operation date.

We do not rehome rabbits or guinea pigs to live alone as they are highly social animals that need company of their own kind.  They are available to adopt in pairs and we also offer a ‘match-up dating service’ for lonely/bereaved animals. We do however come across some rabbits due to their background history (often being over bred) that they are proving very difficult to bond due to behavioral problems. We will always try and try again, but sometimes this can hold them back from their furever homes and sometimes the odd solo bunny will be available for adoption, we always encourage owners to come back at a later date to keep trying to bond.  

Our ‘animals ready for adoption’ section is updated as much as possible, however as we have rabbits and guinea pigs coming in and out of the rescue centre continuously we cannot add all animals to our webpage. If there is an animal you are particularly looking for (for example a castrated male to pair up with your spayed female) we do advise to email us to let us know as we often have waiting lists of people who are ready to adopt and therefore the animals will be adopted out to these people before being added to our website. 

Animal pairs looking for homes:

Bill and Ben – In foster care

Bill and Ben are two little cuties! They are happy to be handled but are super fast so will need owners who are experienced. They would love a super big set up with lots to explore!

The not so big group! – In foster care

These 6 beautiful rabbits will soon be moving into a lovely foster home after spending their time in quarantine, they are now fully vaccinated and soon the females will be spayed. They are all netherland dwarf crosses. The group consists of mother and her offspring. They are all between the ages of 18 months -2 years. All seem healthy and happy and will be looking for their home together. They will need a large outdoor set up, ideally a shed and aviary style. We understand this is a big commitment for any owner to take on, however we found a fabulous owner for our last group of 10 so we have hope! We would hate to have to split them up just for them to find a home, they love each other so so much. They are just adorable and have such fun personalities, if anyone has any questions about these beauties please don’t hesitate to get in touch! If you are totally bunny mad and already have some buns you would like to bond into the group and adopt them they would be open to this:)

Natalie and Henry – In foster care



This lovely pair are called Natalie and Henry! They are both dwarf lop crosses and are neutered. They are fully vaccinated. Nat is 3 years old and Henry is Years old. They would really love an outdoor home with lots of space to do fast running and binkying. Henry will need an owner who is willing to monitor his eating as he may need a dental in the future. Nat and henry are both really loving rabbits, they absolutely adore nose strokes and are great around children. Please get in touch if you think you could offer them a loving home💛❤️


Poppy and Casey – In foster care – Reserved


Poppy and Casey are two lovely little girls, they have been spayed and vaccinated against myxi and VHD1, they will be having their VHD2 jab shortly and will be available for adoption at the end of september. They will be looking for a indoor or outdoor home with lots of things to explore and space to binky in! They are 11 and 18 months, Poppy has a lovely fluffy mane and they both have beautiful blue eyes!

Saffy and Bambi – In foster care

Bambi and Saffy are looking for the puuurfect outdoor home with lots of space for climbing, playing and snuggling! Saffy has a really sad story behind her, she was dumped with two males who were barely alive, she then gave birth after only being with us for two short weeks, she was so young and weak she wasnt able to give her babies what they needed and she lost two. She was spayed and vaccinated but didnt want to know other rabbits, we tried and tried her with lovely male companions but she hated every single one. Until she saw bambi…he was so gentle with her and washed her until she could not be washed anymore! Saffy is shy because of her past but they love eachother and thats all that matters. Bambi is a big softy mini rex. They are both neutered and fully vaccinated. Could you offer this young handsome pair a furever home?

Amy and Molly- In foster care


These girls are so gorgeous inside and out! Now aged 5 and 7 months old they are fully vaccinated and spayed. They have been quite reserved at the main rescue centre but we feel they are overwhelmed by the other rabbits around them, they will shortly be going into foster care and we feel these shy, gentle girls personalities will flourish. They are so pretty, could you offer them a fun, loving furever home?

Cookie and Buttons – In foster care

Cookie and Buttons are the funniest little pair, they have so much character and are super cute! Cookie is the female and she’s the bossy boots, she loves nose strokes and will bug you till she gets them. She likes to act all confident but she likes her Buttons close to her at all times. She loves to run and explore and Buttons likes to sit and watch! Buttons doesn’t mind being picked up if needed too and quite likes a snuggle. They are neutered and fully vaccinated, they will be looking for a large outdoor home or an indoor set up with access to a garden for a good old run around!


Percy and Drew – In foster care


Percy and Drew are around 5 and 7 months old, they have been castrated and are fully vaccinated. They are gorgeously soft bunny rabbits! These two boys are quite shy currently and we are trying to bring out their little confident personalities. We feel in the right environment they will come on leaps and bounds! Could you be their human?

Mini Mr, Mini Toffee and Stripe – In foster care

These amazingly squishy boys are just so full of personality and floof! All the volunteers at the rescue centre fell in love with them and now their foster mum is too! They love their foster home where they have a shed with attached large runs and hay boxes with a run around system. They would like a furever home that is similar too this as they love to play and explore. They love human company and nose strokes!


Holly and Lister – In foster care

Holly is the pretty little black and white bun and Lister is the cute tan and white, Holly is 6 years old and Lister is 2 years old. They are both neutered and vaccinated. They will be looking for an outdoor furever home, they love exploring their foster mums garden and would love a furever home before christmas!


Lucy and Rimmer – In foster care

Two happy go lucky buns avaliable for adoption, Rimmer is neutered and Lucy will soon be, they are fully vaccinated. Lucy is your normal highly intelligent Rex, shes super soft and obviously is the boss! They love their food, and like to problem solve to get at it. They enjoy their free range time in their foster families garden, they would like a similar shed/ aviary set up in their new furever home. Rimmer is just a handsome bun and will do whatever he’s told by his wifebun.

Hugo and Bunny Mummy – In foster care

This devoted pair are Hugo and Bunny Mummy.
Hugo is a magnificant Continental Giant, about 14 months old. Bunny Mummy is the cutest angora lionhead cross aged 4. She’s very friendly, and totally in charge. He’s quite shy, despite his size, and does whatever she tells him.
They have been loved and well looked after but a change in circumstances mean they need a new home, and they need somewhere with plenty of space. Ideally with someone who has the time and love to give these two beauties.



Bugsy and Faith – In foster care

Bugsy and Faith, they will be turning 5 this month. Lovely natured and friendly bunnies. Love attention and don’t mind being picked up when needed. They will soon be fully vaccinated and await an indoor furever home. Perfect little wabbits!

Bunty, Buttercup and Hedgehog – In foster care























These cheeky girls are 7 months old and would love a furever home together, Rex’s are known for their high energy and intelligence. They will need either an indoor or outdoor home with lots of space and a human willing to make lots of cardboard castles, games and toys to keep them occupied. They are super soft and really funny buns to watch.

Salty and Sharky – In foster care

Two young playful girls looking for a furever home together, they are around 6 months old and will soon be spayed and vaccinated. Owners were unable to keep them after needing to move, so we would like to find these girls their furever, permanent home.

Rabbit dating service

Single males available as match-ups to lonely/bereaved females.

Oscar – In foster care

My names Oscar and apparently I have to start looking for applicants for a wifebun and furever home. I will castrated and vaccinated before I’m ready to leave my foster home. I am looking for a indoor home as I have never been outside but apparently it’s cold brrrr! ❄️ I have gorgeous brown eyes and such a fluffy, soft, shiny coat. I love it when my mum gives me kisses so I’d love my potential partner to groom me, I might even learn to kiss back! I am a big softy but also like to wiz around as fast as I can with lots of binkies!

If you would like to know more about me please email my foster mummy at


Roger – In foster care

This fabulous bundle of energy is Roger. At six months old he’s full of bounce, and interested in everything, especially eating and digging. He is soon to be castrated and looking for a wifebun, he is fully vaccinated.

Alfie – In foster care

Heres the lovely Alfie, he’s around 5-6 months old and is castrated and will soon be fully vaccinated. He has always lived indoors so is looking for an indoor home, could possibly become an outside bun next year spring time. He’s a high energy rabbit so is looking for a wifebun to keep up, he just loves running around and being silly. Although he is also kind and gentle and just adores human attention, nose rubs are his favorite thing along with using humans as climbing frames. Alfie is looking for humans who are strict with diet as Alfie is on a no pellet diet. We have found they cause him stomach problems and he’s much happier with lots of lovely hays and forages. If you would like to view alfie hes located in kingswood, Bristol. Just give us an email, you wont be dissapointed!

Pumpkin – At main rescue centre

Pumpkin is a lovely fluff ball! Hes 14 weeks old, and fully vaccinated and will be castrated on the 14th of december. Pumpkin would be happy living in an outdoor or indoor home. Have you got a lonely girl looking for a snuggle monster?

Buddy – In foster care – Reserved










At 6 months old Buddy has lots of energy, he would enjoy a large outdoor space with lots of activities to keep him busy. Hes a keen gardener and his enclosure would need to be completely secure as hes a very intelligent little bunny. He is completely striking and everyone who sees him falls in love with him! He would love the company of a playful wifebun! Hes neutered and fully vaccinated.

Pepper – At main rescue centre

Lovely little Pepper! Such a softie, whos looking for a wifebun and furever home. Hes around 14 weeks old and will be castrated on the 14th of december. He would be happy in an indoor or outdoor home as long as you keep his hair looking fab!

Blackjack – In foster care – Reserved

Blackjack is around 8 years old and fully vaccinated. He is a lovely small bunny looking for a wifebun to spend his life with 🐰🐰

Albert – At main rescue centre

An adorable mini lop who is one year and 3 months old, he has recently been neutered and will soon be on the look out for a wifebun! All the volunteers love him and he has a real squishy face! Fully vaccinated.

Fluff – At main rescue

Fluff is a super friendly bun, he’s been neutered and is fully vaccinated. Hes 7 months old and is looking for a wifebun, he doesnt mind an indoor or outdoor home but needs a human handy with a brush as he likes to get hay tangled in his fluffy locks!

Toffee – In foster care

Little Toffee! He is almost 11 weeks old and will be looking for a wifebun once neutered in a few weeks time. Lively, inquisitive and always up to no good  He likes climbing and doesn’t mind being handled 🐰🐰

Mini – At main rescue


Mini is wondering if there is a wifebun out there for him somewhere? He is such a sweety and is all ready for his furever home. He is 9 months old and a rex/ lion head cross.

Tony – At the main rescue – On trial

Tony wasnt sure which photo to upload so he picked his best four, in the first one he thinks he looks caring towards ted, the second he thinks he looks intrigued, the third he thought it showed his listening face and the forth his loving side as he was kissing ted. Anyways we think hes pretty damn handsome from whatever angle! He’s around 1 year and 3 months and a black mini rex. Hes neutered and fully vaccinated ready for some wifebun dating!

Single females available as match-up to lonely/bereaved castrated male

Please note we often have a waiting list for spayed females, this may not be long depending on what you are looking for so please email us with your interest as we may have a female ready not yet noted on the website. 

Belle – In foster care

Tiny little Belle will soon be looking for a furever home just after chrimstas. She was born on the 16th of october and will be fully vaccinated before leaving, shes hoping to find a husbun who has a spacious indoor home to share with her. She was born in foster care along with her 4 brothers and sisters, and has lived free range indoors with them. Her mother is a harlequin dwarf breed so Belle wont be a big bunny and we think her father may have been a rex due to the coat type appearing in some of her sisters. Belle has really come around in recent weeks to human attention and affection, she really enjoys her nose rubs and doesn’t mind being picked up, However all buns from this litter would prefer a calm, gentle home. This doesn’t mean she doesnt know how to get up to mischief though! She loves knocking her poor teddy of the roof of the playhouse!

Luna – At main rescue centre

Luna is a bunderful character and is looking for an understanding home with previous bonding experience, we have tried Luna with a few males but she hasn’t taken to any. We think she was bullied by her sister so she has has a bad exprience with other rabbits, so she may need a calm laid back male to show her they arent so bad! Shes a very pretty rabbit who likes to explore and chill out, shes 3 years old and is spayed and fully vaccinated.

Rosie – In foster care

Rosie has lovely grey fluffy fur, She has a shy personality but so sweet. She holds back at first but in no time shes using you as a climbing frame and being super cheeky! shes looking for a furever indoor home, With a husbun to keep her snug at night! She’s attracted to anything grey,  we think she likes to keep colour coordinated! She was born on the 16th of october and will be fully vaccinated before leaving. She was born in foster care along with her 4 brothers and sisters, and has lived free range indoors with them. Her mother is a harlequin dwarf breed so Belle wont be a big bunny and we think her father may have been a rex due to the coat type appearing in some of her sisters. Please email us at if you would like to know more about Rosie

Issy – In foster care



Isabelle was rescued along with 10 other scared, mistreated giant rabbits. Found in a small shed with no food, hay, water, natural light and in sweltering heat. She is approximately 8 months old. She has been showing signs of aggression because she is scared (understandably) so is in need of a patient understanding home that can provide her with all the space in the world! We think with more time she could start to put more trust in us friendly humans. She’s a giant breed so she needs a lot of space and is wishing for a friend to grow old with. Isabelle is looking for either an indoor or outdoor home where her humans can understand her limits, preferably an adult only home but she may consider a home with mature children. She loves binkying and having lots of fun in her run, bounding through tunnels and eating all the food she could get! She is such a happy bunny in the right environment and really deserves a second chance just as much as all our other more friendly bunnies.

Bunnies like Isabelle get overlooked and misunderstood and can spend months/years with us waiting for their forever home. Please help Isabellefind her forever home by sharing or getting in contact if you have a potential husbun looking for a new friend!

Guinea pig Adoption

Guinea pig homes will need to provide plenty of space (min 5ft x 2ft for 2 guineas) in either an indoor cage or outdoor hutch.  It is preferable if they can be brought indoors in the winter months or the hutch moved to a more sheltered location (such as inside a shed).  The home will also need to provide them with a run so that they can go out on the grass in the warmer months.  Please read through our guinea pig care instructions and ensure you are happy with the care you will be expected to provide before applying to adopt any guinea pig/s.

Due to the nature of our guinea pig re-homing we are rarely able to add pictures and descriptions of the ones we have available. We often have lists of interest on lone females, males and pairs. If you are interested in adopting guinea pigs please email Kelly at: (GUINEA PIG ENQUIRES ONLY). Kelly will be able to let you know who’s available and send details of them to you. We regularly upload pictures of available piggies to facebook and you can also contact us via fb. We always have guinea pigs available for adoption however we have a very fast re-homing rate.